January 2, 2010

crane restaurant + bar

crane restaurant + bar. designed by, amanda veliotis.
finished in December 2009

For our final project in our interior design studio class, our mission was to execute the design for the restaurant located inside the hotel we previously designed. Located in the historic Charlestown Navy Yard, the hotel is situated atop a beautiful dry dock with views of the Atlantic for miles. Two large cranes rest at the edge of the dry dock's end, reminding locals and visitors alike of the rich history surrounding the area.

"When the Charlestown Navy Yard opened in 1800, Boston's skilled maritime workers provided a ready source of labor. The work of building, repairing, and maintaining a fleet changed with modern technology. During World War II, more than 50,000 full-time employees worked round-the-clock in such specialized jobs such as ship fitter, boilermaker, and foundry worker."

The building was built in 1866, just after the civil war and is a notable example of Boston's 'granite style'. From 1922 to 1927 it was a furniture store house then went on to serve as a Naval Research Headquarters until 1935. In 1943, the building was converted to a cafeteria for Navy Yard employees which it remained till the shipyard closed.

Inspired by the industrial elements of the navy yard, I chose to name the restaurant "crane." (developed logo above). Well here it is, enjoy! -av

main entrance and small waiting area. crane construction elements dropped from the ceiling accented with wall washers, makes for architectural statement from the moment one walks in.

bar elevation.

bar perspective. bar constructed of shipping containers, distorted to the correct size. lights above the bar resemble typical yellow construction string bulbs. behind the bar is two metal fence panels, miscellaneous hard hats hook and hang from the panels. adjacent wall is covered in a large collage of an antique construction blue print.

above is the lounge area across from the bar. below is a perspective of the main dining area. each booth is separated by custom light fixtures consisting of miscellaneous light bulbs hanging at all different heights. guests sitting at these booths are in awe of the spectacular fixtures surrounding them and are also enclosed for a private and embracing experience.

animation for the restaurant.

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