January 13, 2010

Residential Design

Good design is about turning

dreams into reality.

-John Saladino

Residential Design inspired by John Saladino. designed by, amanda veliotis
completed by february 2009

second semester freshman year in my interior design studio class, our first assignment was to research one of our favorite interior designers and then design a residential space resembling their style. for my designer i chose john saladino. i hope you enjoy! -av

john saladino is a well know architect, interior designer, landscape designer, and furniture designer who has created numerous brilliant works of art which are loved all over the world. saladino was born in kansas city, missouri and graduated from notre dame as well as the yale school of art and architecture. he found the saladino group inc. in 1972 which has grown into a full service design firm with a multinational staff of twenty-five. saladino has won numerous interior design and furniture awards and has also served as a board member for many well known organizations. saladino lectures worldwide and appears regularly in books, magazines, and on television in the united states, england, france, germany, italy, and japan. in 2000, saladino wrote his first book titled style by saladino.

Saladino’s work incorporates ancient fragments and techniques into minimalist modern spaces. He has nostalgia for the past and a sense of the future, his work is layered with historical knowledge. Saladino is well known for mixing the old with the new and regularly using contrast in his spaces. John Saladino steps out of the box when it comes to his design. He takes antique and classical pieces and pairs then with contemporary ones which makes his spaced unique and unforgettable. Saladino’s work is described as a “rustic sparkle.”

below is my rendition of "saladino style". i loved this project and personally his style rubbed off on me and i catch my work resembling his. john saladino is one of my favorite designers and a true inspiration to me.

floor plan. the program for this space was a living room and dining room. i decided to put the dining area in front of the large windows, opposite the room is a cozy sitting area close to the fireplace.

perspective of the living room. my first ever rendering using markers! elements i used in the room include rustic wide plank wood flooring, floor to ceiling drapes, yellow weathered stone walls, and exposed wood beams.

furniture and materials board. the colorful fabrics in the center are for throw pillows and accent rugs. the upholstered furniture used all consisted of light cream and white.

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