April 12, 2010

Ad Council Boston

Ad Council Boston
by Amanda Veliotis
Submitted on 07 April 2010

Fall semester 2010 I got the pleasure of experiencing office design in our Office Design Studio. For our first project, we were assigned to chose a non profit organization for which we would be designing their new office space located on the lovely Newbury St. in Boston. Other than designing for the greatest employee productivity, we also had to strive for the greatest indoor air quality. Every material and finish in the design is sustainable; releases no harmful toxins, is made of recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable. Enjoy! -av

Street Level Floor Plan
From left to right; entrance, vestibule, reception, elevator, hallway (display & library) to volunteer workstations, long term filing, small conference.

Lower Level Floor Plan
From left to right; large conference, storage, elevator, lounge, kitchen and break room, staff offices, assistant directors office, directors office, recycling.

Street Level

Building front facade

Reception desk and large accent wall behind. Accent wall made of Modular Arts in beadz (center) with 3form chroma (atlantic) in front of it with panels of 3form chroma (vitamin c) to the sides. The flooring throughout the office is Flotex Montana (ocean) by Forbo. All the paint throughout the office is Pro Industrial 0 VOC Acrylic Semi-Gloss paint from Sherwin Williams.

Volunteer workstations looking towards the hallway leading to the small conference room. Tables are made of recycled material and are from Ecowork. The chairs are from Herman Miller (eames molded plastic chair). The separation wall is made of 3form chroma (vitamin c) and separates the volunteer room from the hallway which houses the library and display wall.

Volunteer workstations looking towards the reception. the ceiling is a custom piece that is personally my favorite. Following my concept of puzzles, I created a cross word puzzle on a drop down soffit on the ceiling. All the ceiling throughout the office space are sheetrock gypsum panels on a drywall suspension system by USG. In the hallway to the right is a custom library shelving unit made of 3form chroma (atlantic) and a display wall made of 3form chroma (lawn).

Lower Level
This is a view of the hallway looking towards the lounge and the staff offices. As you walk down the hallway, every staff office is painted in a different color and the color translates to the outside in the door panels, window panels, and paint color. All the translucent panels are 3form chroma. The furniture you see is the casino easy chair and sofa by Lammhults. The coffee table is the flower table by Hightower.
This is a view of the staff office. The custom ceilings for all the staff rooms is puzzle shaped recessed and protruding soffits. Recessed downlights harbor in the soffits to give the room an added sparkle of light. The employee chairs are Bindu high back executive chairs from Coalesse. All the employees desks are Stix case goods from Baltix Sustainable Furniture.

Perspective of the directors office. Some chairs in this view that are new are the task chairs; the ones at her desk are Bindu mid back side chairs by Coalesse, and the chairs around the table are Nelson Swag chairs by Herman Miller. All the small meeting tables throughout the office are from Baltix Sustainable Furniture and made of green MDF with a powder coat finish.

View of the large conference room. Conference table is the Convene table from Steelcase. The high tech teleconferencing system is the


  1. Hi I'm Nib Santos, and I'm a teacher at a graphic design school here in Manila, Philippines.

    I've a class in Adobe InDesign where I teach students how to make interactive presentations/walkthroughs, and I was looking for sample materials online when I came upon your work. I lingered around this entry, and with respect and admiration for your talents, I'd like to ask permission to use your designs for the Boston Ad Council office as well as the video and the notes you've written here in this entry. My students will use your art and write-ups to practice preparing an interactive presentation showcasing your design for the council. I chose your designs because they're neat, easily understood, and not too complicated and thorough for a simple class exercise.

    Their class activity is a simple point-and-click .swf file which lets the viewer mouse-over or click on certain areas of your floor plans, bringing up pertinent drawings and/or information pop-ups, animated or otherwise. It'll work like a page in a website, except that it's offline.

    Hoping for your kind consideration!

    1. Hello Nib,

      Sorry for my late response. I certainly give you permission to use my page for your classes, I am honored. Thank you very much for your compliments on my work. I have since updated my online portfolio to the following address: http://aveli974.wix.com/avportfolio

      Feel free to use any of my work for your classes.
      Again, thank you!