April 25, 2010

Benjamin Moore Envision Color Student Design Contest - Vote for my friend please!!

Benjamin Moore 2010 Envision Collor Student Design Contest
Entry: Allyson Nicole Fairweather, Endicott College

One of my very close friends, Allyson Fairweather, has recently entered a competition put on by Benjamin Moore. The competition is the 2010 Envision Color Student Design Contest and is intended to showcase the Benjamin Moore Envision color palette.

Students had the choice of space and could focus on any aspect of the room they desired. In my opinnion, I especially like Allyson's selections for this competition. First, the fact that she hand rendered the perspectives and floor plan gives the spaces more depth and reality. Second, I love that she decided upon using a residential space. Her drawings allow for the common home owner to look upon and gain inspiration. Lastly, I appreciate the wide array of colors used, and that she showed the same space with different color palettes.

If you enjoy these drawings as much as I do please go to this link and vote for my friend Allyson. It is so simple! Enjoy!

"The Envision palette is full of bold colors that combine beautifully in countless ways. The Den was originally designed using Claret Rose to render a rich, warm room for lounging. But why commit to one color scheme when there are so many other fashionable combinations in the Envision color palette? A second scheme with Blueberry illustrates a relaxing studio atmosphere whereas a third scheme with Cedar Green and August Morning embodies a refreshing sensation. The primary colors were chosen to exemplify the remarkable ability of the Envision color palette and the flexibility of the Den design."

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