January 3, 2010

Dry Dock Hotel Guest Rooms

Dry Dock Hotel guest rooms. designed by, amanda veliotis
finished 10 November 2009

below are images from the guest rooms I designed for the Dry Dock Hotel, the hotel I also designed. I was inspired by the rich history of Charlestown, Massachusetts and the Navy Yard the hotel is located in. mainly a business area, Charlestown is a hub for the successful working class. guest rooms were designed with sophistication in mind, knowing many guests would be staying in these rooms for business purposes. materials and furniture used reflect the areas industrious past. not only for the working class, guests of all ages can appreciate the design of these guest rooms. enjoy! -av

this is a preliminary sketch of the development of one of the typical guest rooms. media used colored pencil and marker.

typical double-double guest room. beds inspired by ailanthus ltd. chairs from restoration hardware. all light fixtures inspired by industrial type lighting. floors are weathered wood, painted white. weathered wood panels also used behind the bed as a accent headboard. walls are the original brick used in the construction of the building.

typical suite guest room (sleeping quarters).

living quarters for the typical suite. coffee table from restoration hardware. large picture on the wall is a replica of an actual billboard still standing in the navy yard.

another view of the living quarters of the typical suite.

perspective of the guest room corridor. custom light fixtures made from used hard hats line the hallway of brick. at every corner you will find the fixture bulb color changes from white light to blue light to match the color of the hard hats!

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