January 8, 2010

Twig Organic Cafe

twig. organic cafe. designed by, amanda veliotis.
completed on 04 November 2009.

first semester sophomore year in cad-2d and technology class, our first assignment was to design an existing building in arlington, ma into a chocolate cafe. i decided to go organic, making the cafe a perfect place for people with organic lifestyles that wanted a tasty sweet. take a look around, enjoy! -av

these images make up my concept, fresh and organic colors mixed with resources from the earth. this cafe differs from others because all of the items sold are organic, even though they do not sound it! for example, organic chocolate covered orange slices, or organic iced mocha lattes!

perspective of the bar seating. customers can choose to sit here or at one of the several tables around the cafe. the color choices i made were all derived from the natural colors of the earths wondrous resources.

this perspective shows some of the tables customers can choose to sit and relax at. there are also display shelves on either side of the cafe. the pendant lighting i chose are the PH Artichoke pendants from the louis poulsen collection.

many of the products and systems i used throughout the cafe are sustainable. this cafe, if implicated, could be considered a certified to gold leed rating.

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