January 8, 2010

Red Sox Study

Red Sox Study. designed by, amanda veliotis.
completed April 2009.

second semester freshman year is when i was first exposed to sketchup. our first assignment to open up to the program was to design a study. my inspiration, boston. i imagined this study being used by a hard working couple that truly admired the red sox and had a passion for boston. give me your input, how do the perspectives look for the first time ever using sketchup? enjoy! -av

perspective of the work stations.

perspective of the lounge seating. i added lounge seating to make the study a place where the couple could also come and relax, read a book, or just talk. on the other side of the back wall i added a high top table with bar stools to give the room more flexibility and seating.

perspective of bar seating. this was my first attempt using irender. the large windows on the far back wall add ample day light to the room, perfect for an environment where productivity is key. the brick walls and red sox memorabilia spread around makes one feel as though they are in the heart of downtown boston as they enter the room.

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