January 13, 2010

Kitty Cooper Shoes

i stumbled upon these amazingly cute shoes by kitty cooper, best part is, the shoes and business is eco friendly! check them out for yourself here. there website is super cute, the vintage elements make the company a wonderful total package. here are some great graphics from their site.

kitty cooper is an expertise in vintage fashions, she was inspired how in the past, beautiful things were cared for and re-worked. her designs are inspired by the shapes, styles, and craftsmanship of the past eras, mixed with the vintage "make do and mend" sensibility which is the antithesis of modern throw away fashion.

what makes them eco friendly? shoes are made by a family business in east london, and where possible, all of their components are sourced from and made within the uk. they love to support small local industry, which cuts down on air miles. all the fabrics, ribbons, and trims they use are vintage. the leather they use is tanned using organic substances such as the seed pods of the tara tree or the valonea oak. all their packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled, non-bleached paper. shoe bags are organic, fairtrade, non-gm cotton. here are my favs!

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