June 7, 2011

Street Art Utopia

Street Art Utopia

106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2010

my favorites .. these are incredible, enjoy! -av

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This first one personally brings back memories, I would always see these artistic acts of rebellion around the streets of Florence when I studied there. It's actually a silhouette decal produced by a local artist, my friends and I first found his small corner studio while walking towards Piazza di Michelangelo for some dinner. The unique collection we saw from outside his studio caught our attention and enticed us, his art was witty and went against the norm. I like to collect unique stickers and put them on my journals, when the studio was open I went in and personally spoke to the artist. I purchased a sticker that resembled a typical parking sign, yet it had a pigeon as the letter P and it was dropping a nice surprise to down below. Many of his masterpieces reflected society with a twist.


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